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Massage and Bodywork Series

Chakra Massage by Calm Massage and Bodywork, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Chakra Massage & Energy Healing Series
 7-90Min Chakra Massages


Experience the ultimate self-care with Chakra Massage & Energy Healing. Love on yourself with an amazing seven-week whole body tune up. Release blocked energy, reclaim your creativity, joy and peace of mind. Week one starts with the root chakra and week seven ends with the crown chakra. We can't give away all our secrets; but book your appointment today and you will soon know for yourself. This self-care package is an awakening process and life changing experience.

"I recently completed the 7-week Chakra Massage & Energy Healing Series. In my 60 years of life, I can't remember my mind and body being more harmonious. One take-way for me was that I've had bladder leakage for years and it has completely ceased to exist! Monica has changed my life in so many ways. My mind, body and soul are "Well" worth the investment." -Lori W.



Remote/Virtual Energy Healing Series
4-60 Min Remote/Virtual Energy Healing Sessions $375

You don't need to leave the comfort of your home. Save the travel expense and time. You can be anywhere in the world and start your journey with remote/virtual energy healing sessions. The physical body is limited. However, energy healing can move through time and space to aid in your overall well-being. This virtual energy healing session will be performed in a quiet space in your home. You will lie down just as if you were in an office visit. Various energy healing techniques to include reiki, chakra balance, and more will be used to create grounding, clarity, and an overall heightened sense of well-being. It may also include intuitive counseling. You will have the opportunity to truly connect and experience subtle yet profound inner growth and healing. 

Reiki Therapy
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