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Monkey ​Mind​

Updated: 3 days ago

December 20, 2022


Are you controlling your thoughts or are your thoughts controlling you? If the latter is correct, then it's time to stop monkeying around and take your life back. Monkey mind can drive you insane, literally. 

You may have monkey mind if experience, racing thoughts, thoughts all over the place, confused thoughts, disturbing thoughts, repetitive thoughts, restless thinking, and uncontrollable thoughts.  You want to stop the thoughts, but they are unceasing. You may even experience anxiety, social anxiety, moodiness, lack of good night's sleep, indecisiveness and lack of focus. It can be quite scary to feel like you are losing your mind. The good news is that there is a hope! 

We can choose our thoughts.  We can even change the station of our thoughts just like we change the radio or television station. Yes, it takes a little practice but with intention and regular practice, it gets easier. When your mind goes haywire, deep a few deep breaths. Breath in, exhale out, relax and visualize a place or situation you rather be thinking about.  In your mind's eye visualize it using all of your senses. Bring it to life and feel your happy place.  When you know you can change the station, you will start to feel less anxious and more empowered. 

But what if you just want to clear the mind and rest the thoughts as much as possible. Meditation is the key.  Meditation helps to tame the monkey mind, rest the mind and clear the thoughts. Yes, it does take some practice but within time it gets easier.  You can start with just 30 seconds or one minute each day and build on that.

Simply set or lay down in a quiet space and focus on the breath. Thoughts will be continuing to arise but simply allowing them to move along and let the breath be your focus point. Continue to take your attention to the breath so that the thoughts simply drift away in the background.  Again, the more practice the easier it gets. 

Be patient with yourself and trust the process.

If you would like more information to get you started on meditation than feel free to reach out to me by email, text or call. We can schedule a 30-minute guided meditation session in person or virtually.  These sessions are not currently on the website.

-Monica Morris, Calm Massage & Bodywork



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